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Building on the first European Panel on the Appropriateness of Crohn's Disease Treatment (EPACTI) which was held in Lausanne at the beginning of March 2004, a new panel has been convened in Switzerland (EPACT II, November 30 - December 1, 2007) to update this work. A combined evidence- and panel-based method (RAND) will be applied to assess the appropriateness of therapy for Crohn's disease (CD). In preparation for the meeting of experts, reviews of evidence-based literature were prepared for major clinical presentations of CD. During the meeting, an international multidis- ciplinary panel that includes gastroenterologists, surgeons and general practitioners weigh the strength of evidence and apply their clinical experience when assessing the appropriateness of therapy for 569 specific indications (clinical scenarios). This chapter describes in detail the process of updating the literature review and the systematic approach of the RAND Appropriateness Method used during the expert panel meeting.

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Juillerat P, Froehlich F, Felley C, Pittet V, Mottet C, Gonvers JJ, Michetti P, Vader JP.EPACT II: project and methods.Digestion. 2007;76(2):84-91.

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